KEEN Fittings

KEEN Insulation Fittings are made of a highly flexible black EPDM closed cell elastomeric insulation that is computer designed and machined to fit copper, cast iron and stainless steel mechanically grooved pipe fittings such as 90º and 45º elbows, Tee’s and their associated couplings, in sizes ranging from 2” through 14” and 1” or 1½” insulation thickness.

KEEN Insulation Fittings are sold as separate components (fitting bodies and couplings) this reduces job site waste and time for the installer. These highly flexible insulation fittings fit the pipe fittings precisely, resulting in consistent insulation thickness throughout the fitting and coupling and the flexibility allows for ease of install in tight areas. The fitting covers are considered a finished product and do not require any re-jacket work again saving the installer money and time. They can be painted any color necessary after one coat of vapor retarding mastic has been applied.

KEEN Insulation Fittings are the ideal solution for insulating mechanical grooved insulated pipe fittings, with a continuous service temperature range of -297ºF to +300ºF (-57ºC to +149ºC) suitable for domestic plumbing, chilled water and heating hot water systems or any other process systems operating within this temperature range. (on below ambient temperature systems it is recommended to apply a coat of vapor proof mastic on the fitting joints).

Keen Fittings Brochure: click here