Manage and Conserve Storm Water 

Meet the demands of the ever-increasing storm water regulations. Permavoid is a multifunctional storm water storage and conservation system.

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Modular interlocking units create a “structural raft” for stormwater storage and has structural capacity to replace sub-base stone

With a 92-95% void ratio, you can store 3 times as much stormwater as drainage stone. Its ultra-shallow profile forms a monolithic stormwater control structure that reduces the impact of urban development. By reintegrating on-site water management in urban planning, just like in nature, cities become more resilient and are able to absorb the effects of changing weather patterns, preventing economic and ecological damage while protecting human health and well-being. 

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Tested to market standards for unmatched structural superiority

Added strength for shallow burying depth 

Ability to use water for easy irrigation 


Modular vertical shear and lateral bow tie connectors ensure structural integrity 

Pre-assembled modular panels for fast installation





Solve any type of water management challenges

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Urban Trees 

Protect mature trees, minimize subgrade and maximize the performance of permeable surfaces, creating ideal environments to promote healthy tree growth.  

 Lower excavation costs, avoid surface bedrock, contaminated subgrades and high water tables, increase stormwater attenuation, eliminate large diameter deep pipes, reduce flood risks, and store water under permeable surfaces.

Subbase Replacement

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Passive Irrigation

Achieve a classic look and feel without costly irrigation, maximize LID performance by reducing storm water discharge through evapotranspiration, reduce run off and use it for irrigation. 

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Maximize shallow storage, add aesthetically pleasing green space, mimic predevelopment stormwater behaviour, minimize liability by controlling exposed surface water elevations, and maximize bio-remediation by storing excess run-off.  

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Connected Green/Blue Roofs 

Rainfall storage on the roof allows larger building footprints while meeting LID criteria. High strength and light weight Permavoid minimize dead loads allowing structures to carry larger volumes of water and maximize plant diversity. 

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Athletic Fields

Eliminates collector pipe excavation and materials while increasing stormwater source control. Protects expensive synthetic infill turf fields by maximizing permeability and water storage. Eliminates settlement concerns through high strength interconnected units and load distribution. Provides the ideal base for precision graded athletic fields for all levels of play. 

Permavoid benefits

Designed and tested for retention, attenuation or infiltration at shallower depths.

Can be installed above a high water table.

Irrigation without the need of pumps, no power required.  

Reduce excavation depth and cost.  

Take a stormwater management system engineered to create functional and appealing site drainage 

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Adds an extra level of protection in frost susceptible subgrade.   

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